DIY: Mini Herb Garden


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! My friends and I were having a craft night using – what else – chalkboard paint. Most of the girls painted mugs or picture frames (for chalk boards), but I chose mini clay planters to make for my momma.

My mom likes to keep plants near her window on the sill (as pictured above) so I wanted small, cute, planters. She also loves to grow herbs so this would allow her quick access to herbs for days when its colder or rainy. (She is planting them soon!)


  1. Clay pots and plates – Dollarama! (Where else would I go?!)
  2. Chalkboard paint – didn’t I tell you before to buy this? $26 at Home Depot for a pint, or $10 at DeSerres for a cup.
  3. Chalkboard marker or chalk – I found the marker at DeSerres for $4
  4. Brush
  5. Soil/Herbs


  1. Paint clay pots with chalkboard paint however you want (I didn’t paint the rim but you can, or just a square tiny enough to fit just the label, etc)
  2. Let dry, repeat painting 3x
  3. Write the name of the herb you want!
  4. Plant herb 🙂

Can’t wait to eat a delicious herby meal at Mom’s!


DIY: Special Dates


Sorry for the delayed post! I have actually been busy being a good student.

The art of framing dates has been in many decorating magazines lately. But like any good DIYer, I asked – why buy it for an insane price when I can make it for a lot less??

The 3 dates I have painted above are my boyfriends birthday (top), my birthday (bottom) and our anniversary (middle). It is hung above our dresser in our bedroom. You can do this for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other notable day! I also made one for my BFF; I put my birthday, hers, are other BFFs birthday and the first day we all met (grade nine ;))


  1. Canvas – I bought mine for $8 (50% off deal!) at DeSerres, but I have now seen them at Dollarama! They are smaller though, and likely weaker.
  2. Acrylic paint and brushes – Dollarama always works well for me!
  3. Optional Stencils – Michaels, $11


  1. Plan what you want to write and where, then stencil lightly with a pencil (make sure you have a good eraser!) If you have a steady hand or neat writing, no need to stencil!
  2. Paint in the lines
  3. Let dry, admire.

What dates would you paint?

DIY: Romantic Mason Jars


I was never a huge fan of how my coloured mason jars turned out. I liked some of them, but others were a mess. I came across this really cute and simple DIY idea that I instantly loved. And I got to cover up my…less than perfect… coloured jars.

I am indebted to Pure & Noble for this idea. Check out her pro images for better inspiration than my grainy photo above.


  1. Mason jars (or any jar!) and size or shape, it looks better to have less uniform jars!
  2. Spray paint – I picked white, but its up to you. Home Depot, $6
  3. Glue gun – $10 at Walmart
  4. Glue gun sticks –  a pack of 10 for $2 at Dollarama
  5. Optional Silk flowers or sticks


  1. Make sure your jar is clean and free of any debris on the outside
  2. Plug in and heat up your glue gun
  3. Plan what word you would like to write on the jar. I recommend keeping it short, like “calm” or “love”.
  4. Write your word in hot glue on the jar (your choice where and how large, the font, etc.) NOTE: try to keep the glue smooth, any imperfections will show up! Consider shaving down any awkward 3D bumps
  5. Let your word completely dry (5-ish minutes)
  6. Spray paint your jar, spraying downward. The paint will run and leave streak marks so be sure to spray evenly. You do not need to spray the inside of the jar, but can if you choose.
  7. Let dry!
  8. Optional I spray painted some silk flowers and branches the same colour to put in the jar.

Beautiful! What word did you write?

Partial DIY Bedroom Update

Hi team!

Sorry for the delayed post. I was busy re-doing my bedroom! I may or may not be using this post to brag, because it really isn’t much of a DIY, except for a few details.

I wish I was talented enough to make a DIY queen sized comforter! Instead I gave in and bought a fresh new white one from Winners. It has pretty purple and silver flowers. I found my beautiful new lamps for $35 for the pair from an antique store called The Barn . I bought the lamp shades from Goodwill for $3 each, and the night stand on the left for $8!Image

Here comes the DIY – I painted the shades. They were originally powder blue. Fun fact – you can paint lampshades! My mom doubted this. I began using multi-purpose white paint spray, then switched to regular wall paint when the spray can ran out. Easy peasy!

DIY: Wall Texting


My boyfriend is really a Jack of all trades. He’s an entrepreneur, a landlord, an athlete, and a graduate student. He really does work himself to the bone. I came across the above quote one day and instantly thought of him. All his accomplishments he has worked hard to earn and I wanted to show him that I am proud of him.


  1. Canvas – I bought mine for 40% off at Michaels, they range in price depending on size, roughly $20-$100.
  2. Acrylic paint – I picked up a bottle at Michaels, but Dollarama is a fine substitute
  3. Paint brushes – got mine from Dollarama!
  4. Letter stencils – because this “painting” is all text, I wanted to get it perfect. I bought mine again at Michaels for $12. They come in a variety of sizes and fonts and include every letter, number and commonly used symbol.
  5. Pencil and eraser


  1. Plan, plan, plan. Plan what you want to write, how you want to write it, and where you want the lettering to go. Once you have decided all of this, begin stencilling your letters lightly with pencil. Make sure you have a good eraser!
  2. Fill in the lines with your paint, carefully and slowly. Let dry
  3. Ta-da!

What quote would you want to paint?