Welcome to the 392,516,387th blog about DIYs!

As a student entering my seventh year of university studies, I have developed quite the knack for procrastinating while convincing myself I am being productive. These productive non-school related tasks have ranged from organizing my closet to updating myself on the latest celeb gossip. However, it wasn’t until I discovered how cheap, fun and occasionally (wonderfully) time consuming crafting can be that I was able to take my self titled productive procrastination to a new level.

Admittedly, there are tons of DIY websites and blogs floating around in cyberspace, and frankly mine might not be that much different. Like others, it’s a place for me to record my most successful crafts as well as the (many) epic failures.

However, what I can offer is a good dose of DIY honesty. A lot of “do it yourself” projects online should really be renamed “do it yourself unless you’re a 24 year old girl who has no idea how to use power tools”. I will be completely honest about what you’re in for! I created categories to organize crafts by level of difficulty to help you decide what to try.

Most importantly, I promise to take realistic pictures of my end results. No sugar-coating, staging, or photoshopping. But in case some of my results completely turn you off (understandable) I have provided links to others’ attempts for inspiration!

As a good Canadian, I’ll also let you know where to find the materials you’ll need, in Canadian stores and Canadian dollars, and the best material short cuts for those overly complicated and expensive “DIYs”.

All I really ask in return is that you occasionally remind me to get back to my school work.


Crafty Procrastinator

P.S. I wrote this while sitting in my university’s library, on top of a pile of books I need to read. Oh well.


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