DIY: A Real Cork Board!


I loved this idea when I saw it. Mostly because I knew my parent’s had a giant cork collection (amassed since the 70s) and ugly picture frames they were willing to part with. I also always wanted a cork board in my apartment, but every store I went to way overcharged for their boards! Disclaimer: if your parents don’t collect corks like mine have, give yourself at least a couple of months to collect enough corks! Or a few days…no judgement here.

My board is roughly 18 inches x 18 inches and I used roughly 225 corks.

Many DIY sites offer different ways of making this cork board, but I favoured this route by Adventures in Trying for its simplicity! For other methods check out the bloggers Casasugar and Roomjuice


  1. Corks and corks and corks (no synthetic ones!)
  2. Frame with backing intact, any size, any colour
  3. Glue gun – $10 at Walmart
  4. Glue gun sticks – a pack of 10 for $2 at Dollarama (I went through a lot!)
  5. Push pins (optional)


  1. Before glueing, map out where you want each cork to go. Some DIYers made patterns out of their corks. I just opted for simplicity and glued each cork the same way, but I still planned ahead. As you can probably see, I needed to add about half a cork to the ends. If you plan ahead you’ll have no annoying surprises!
  2. Once you have figured out where each will go, start glueing the corks to the frames backing, with the frame still on. Let dry, voila!
  3. Optional: I made cork pins by chopping off the ends of a few corks and glueing them on to push pins

Hopefully in the end you have a beautiful cork board! I take full partial credit for your masterpiece, but I will not claim responsibility for any drunken texts or calls made while trying to collect enough corks.

How did your drunk texting cork board turn out??


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