DIY: Wall Texting


My boyfriend is really a Jack of all trades. He’s an entrepreneur, a landlord, an athlete, and a graduate student. He really does work himself to the bone. I came across the above quote one day and instantly thought of him. All his accomplishments he has worked hard to earn and I wanted to show him that I am proud of him.


  1. Canvas – I bought mine for 40% off at Michaels, they range in price depending on size, roughly $20-$100.
  2. Acrylic paint – I picked up a bottle at Michaels, but Dollarama is a fine substitute
  3. Paint brushes – got mine from Dollarama!
  4. Letter stencils – because this “painting” is all text, I wanted to get it perfect. I bought mine again at Michaels for $12. They come in a variety of sizes and fonts and include every letter, number and commonly used symbol.
  5. Pencil and eraser


  1. Plan, plan, plan. Plan what you want to write, how you want to write it, and where you want the lettering to go. Once you have decided all of this, begin stencilling your letters lightly with pencil. Make sure you have a good eraser!
  2. Fill in the lines with your paint, carefully and slowly. Let dry
  3. Ta-da!

What quote would you want to paint?


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