Easy Peasy and Cute DIY Chalkboard


I love chalkboards. Maybe its because I have been in a school setting for 21 of my 24 years lived. I was introduced to chalk paint by my BFF during undergrad, when she painted one of her walls in her student house bedroom with chalkboard paint. I vowed to one day find a reason to buy this glorious paint.

Admittedly, I really am not breaking new ground with this DIY. In fact, its probably the most advertised craft. But I wanted to post my success story and remind everyone how easy and cheap beautiful they are!


  1. Old frames – I found mine at the Goodwill for $2 each! They were originally paintings (not exactly Picassos) that I had no problem painting over. I also bought two that already had a wire in place for hanging – bonus!
  2. Chalkboard paint – heres where it gets a little pricey if you don’t already own a can. But once you buy it you can use it for so many other DIYs! In fact I am self proclaiming chalkboard paint to be an essential to any crafty college girl’s toolbox. I bought my can for $28 at Home Depot.
  3. Paint brush
  4. Newspaper


  1. Clean frame (and any painting) with a damp cloth. Let dry
  2. Place frame on newspapers and paint your first coat of chalkboard paint. Let dry for 4 hours
  3. Paint a second coat and wait 24 hours before using

Wondering why my board awkwardly says cheese with what looks to be an afterthought addition of the word Goat?

I’ll tell you one day.

I’m kidding, I’m lactose intolerant and only eat goat cheese!

What does your new blackboard say?


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