DIY: Mini Herb Garden


Mother’s Day is just around the corner! My friends and I were having a craft night using – what else – chalkboard paint. Most of the girls painted mugs or picture frames (for chalk boards), but I chose mini clay planters to make for my momma.

My mom likes to keep plants near her window on the sill (as pictured above) so I wanted small, cute, planters. She also loves to grow herbs so this would allow her quick access to herbs for days when its colder or rainy. (She is planting them soon!)


  1. Clay pots and plates – Dollarama! (Where else would I go?!)
  2. Chalkboard paint – didn’t I tell you before to buy this? $26 at Home Depot for a pint, or $10 at DeSerres for a cup.
  3. Chalkboard marker or chalk – I found the marker at DeSerres for $4
  4. Brush
  5. Soil/Herbs


  1. Paint clay pots with chalkboard paint however you want (I didn’t paint the rim but you can, or just a square tiny enough to fit just the label, etc)
  2. Let dry, repeat painting 3x
  3. Write the name of the herb you want!
  4. Plant herb 🙂

Can’t wait to eat a delicious herby meal at Mom’s!


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