DIY: Special Dates


Sorry for the delayed post! I have actually been busy being a good student.

The art of framing dates has been in many decorating magazines lately. But like any good DIYer, I asked – why buy it for an insane price when I can make it for a lot less??

The 3 dates I have painted above are my boyfriends birthday (top), my birthday (bottom) and our anniversary (middle). It is hung above our dresser in our bedroom. You can do this for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other notable day! I also made one for my BFF; I put my birthday, hers, are other BFFs birthday and the first day we all met (grade nine ;))


  1. Canvas – I bought mine for $8 (50% off deal!) at DeSerres, but I have now seen them at Dollarama! They are smaller though, and likely weaker.
  2. Acrylic paint and brushes – Dollarama always works well for me!
  3. Optional Stencils – Michaels, $11


  1. Plan what you want to write and where, then stencil lightly with a pencil (make sure you have a good eraser!) If you have a steady hand or neat writing, no need to stencil!
  2. Paint in the lines
  3. Let dry, admire.

What dates would you paint?


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