DIY: Wine Charmed


Finally – a new post! I’m actually flooded with school work but that hasn’t stopped me yet (well, maybe has put a tiny dent in my DIYs).

I wanted to organize and keep my wine charms in a cute and accessible place. I had seen this project for organizing jewelry, but I thought it would be cute for wine charms as well. I also like the idea of guests being able to choose their wine charm rather than having one assigned (and by assigned I mean never came off the glass from the last user).

I apologize again for the photo, but it does look really neat. I plan to add another row but I ran out of white push pins. I also want prettier push pins… I will have a better picture when I complete it.


  1. 1/2 inch thick foam board – Deserres, price depends on size ($6-$20)
  2. Picture frames – mother’s basement (or try Dollarama)
  3. Fabric – mother’s basement (or try Fabric Land)
  4. Glue gun and glue sticks – Dollarama
  5. Push pins – as many as you want, in any style (Dollarama has pretty ones)
  6. wine charms! – mine were gifted, but they can be found in any boutique


  1. Measure and cut foam board to fit into frame. If you do it exact enough, it will squeeze in and not need any support
  2. Cut fabric so that it is slightly bigger all around your piece of foam board
  3. Glue the fabric to the board by gluing the extra fabric to the back of the foam board, pulling it tight so it stays taut
  4. Put fabric covered foam board into frame. Place push pins and wine charms in the order you want
  5. Hang – ta-da!

Are you as charmed as I was about this project?

P.S: here’s an updated photo: DIY: Wine Charmed Update


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