DIY: Best Head Band

Apologies again for the less than spectacular photography. This headband is one of the most comfy I have owned, and its pretty! And does not give me a headache! And it was free! I know its hard to tell by these pictures all the awesomeness, so please check out blogger Make it and Love it for some inspiration. I credit this post to her!


  1. Any fabric you choose. I cut up an old black jersey material tube top. Jersey material is good because it is comfortable and has some stretch to it. Cotton, spandex, or some blended form probably would work fine too
  2. Either glue gun and glue sticks – Dollarama or thread (preferably in the colour of your material) and needle.


  1. Cut five strips of the fabric. Each strip  should be twice as long as the measurement around your head. They can be off any thickness, obviously the thicker the strips, the thicker the headband will be. Make sure the strips are evenly cut and of the same length
  2. Place the strips on top of each other and either sew or glue the pieces together at the top. Pull on each strip of fabric so that they slightly curl on the edges.
  3. Lay your strips down on your work surface and tape the top part down to help you while braiding. Split up the strips by putting 3 on the left side and 2 strips on the right.
  4. Now you will be creating the 5 strand braiding that you will continue to do down to the end. Make it and Love it has created wonderful directions WITH photos to help you out with this part. please see her website for the rest of the directions! Her photos speak words better than I could type!

Can’t wait to make some more of these… i thinking some pastel colours for spring, and neon for summer!




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