Wanted: Craft Station


Okay. So the problem with being a crafty procrastinator is that you’re willing to craft anywhere, anytime. So long as you have the supplies, your good!

Or are you?

Turns out I was not. I was not being good! I was being a bad, bad crafter. I had my supplies, but no designated crafting area! Sure you can spread out plastic bags or newspapers but that usually takes up an awkward space, and does not have an 100% leak proof record.

There are some really cool crafter stations out there. I really, really want one (like this one by DeSerres) but my 700 square feet condo won’t allow many large additions!

As an attempt to get me off of our new floors and furniture, my dashing boyfriend surprised me by buying me the table pictured above. Both the table and chair fold and tuck away which is great, and no more paint on the couch which is also a bonus. It’s perfect for now, but I do envision one day having a room to myself 🙂 Or at least one of those bad boys by DeSerres

I want to see YOUR crafting space!


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