DIY: Tugging at the HeartStrings


Hi DIY team!

I am so so sorry for the delay in posting. I am now officially done for the school year! And between celebrating (read: drinking) and catching up on sleep (read:hungover) I wasn’t quite able to get cracking on the DIYs I have been dying to try.

Yesterday I did this one for my mom. I couldn’t decide if I loved or hated it. But I think I have now fallen in love.

Of course I chose the most difficult shape. For my good knowledgeable-in-Canadian-geography pals, you can (hopefully!) recognize my shape, it is the island of Newfoundland. This is where my momma was born and where half my family still resides. I made it for my mom 🙂 I think it would look good at our family cottage.

Thank you and credit goes to Jojie for the fabulous idea.


  1. Piece of wood, mine was about 1 inch thick. Size depends on you. I picked mine from a scrap collection my dad has. I recommend doing this as you can find cool shapes or a distressed look. Otherwise Home Depot my friends.
  2. String – I used thick industrial-like string, but embroidery thread would work as well (and you can choose cute colours!), try Michaels
  3. Nails, mine were 1 inch long, Home Depot, pack of 100 for $10
  4. Hammer, Home Depot, $10
  5. A print out of the place you wish to use! Try searching for the image on Google Images.


  1. After deciding upon your location, find a good map image of it, in the size you want, and print it out.
  2. Cut out the map
  3. Either outline the map lightly with pencil onto your wood, or lightly tape it to the surface
  4. Start nailing! This is the hardest, most trying part. You want your nails to be half a centimetre apart ideally. This requires patience. Don’t hit your thumb either!
  5. Once you have your nail outline, remove your map. Pick a place to put your heart (ideally the middle). Trace or free hand draw your heart, and again, start nailing!
  6. After the nailing is finally complete, take your string and go to town. Tie it around your starting nail and go! I didn’t really have a method to my madness but I know Jojie did. You want to hit every nail, and connect it to the heart, you will be going around nails more than once, and maybe for more than one round. Make sure the string stays taut.

What city/town/province/country/state/planet tugs at your heartstrings?

xo CP


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