DIY: Jewelry that Anchors Me NEW AND WAYYY IMPROVED!


Hey guys,

As promised – I redid my bracelet, and this time used all the correct materials AND then some…But it was way easier. I am actually so horrified by my last attempt that I am moving that post to DIY: FAILS.


  1. Anchor charm – Art On – 70 CENTS!
  2. Rope – Any craft store, $1 for 1 foot
  3. LARGE crimping beads. Its important you find ones that have a hook to attach beads or clasps too. I finally found mine at a jewelry supplies store on Queen St W, pack of 8 for $3
  4. Circle Attachers – set of 100 for $2


  1. Measure rope by wrapping it once around your wrist. Repeat with another piece of rope (so you have 2 in total)
  2. Take one of the pieces of rope and bend it in half to create a loop. Place the crimping bead over the loose rope ends, press the crimping bead shut. The ends should join together and the anchor should be attached.
  3. Loop the second piece of rope and wrap it under and through the first piece of rope’s loop. Visit A Blissful Dream’s version for a visual reference!
  4. Once the two pieces of rope are looped together, secure the loose ends of the second rope with another metal crimping bead,  press the crimping bead shut. This is where your anchor will hook.
  5. Attach your anchor and set sail

SO nautical.


DIY: Personal Poster

I loved this craft. Its relatively easy and really cute. I chose a magazine article as my background, but you can choose any fun or interesting pattern/design/image from a magazine.


  1. Magazine page you like
  2. Letter stickers – I found mine at Dollarama
  3. Acrylic paint, any colour, and paintbrushes
  4. Picture frame – Dollarama


  1. Pick a quote, saying, anything that you wish your poster to say.
  2. Stick your stickers! Make sure they firmly stick.
  3. Paint the entire magazine page, painting over the stickers as well. Be careful not to use too much paint (or the page will buckle) or not enough paint (or the letters won’t pop well enough)
  4. Let dry.
  5. Carefully peel off the stickers, revealing the magazine page below.
  6. Frame, voila!
  7. Optional: Add those pretty DIY: Newspaper roses for an extra girly touch 🙂

DIY: Newspaper Roses

Wow. What a bad blogger I have been! My latest DIY is a combination of two DIYs though. I also had very minor day surgery so forgiveness? Please?

I really like these roses. However, they are surprisingly not that easy to make. Unless you are good at folding newspaper, which I am awkwardly not!


  1. Newspaper
  2. Glue (stick or white)
  3. Paint (acrylic) and brushes
  4. Scissors


  1. Cut the newspaper into stripes that are as tall as the length of the newspaper, and about 4 inches wide. You can change the width which will change the size of the rose.
  2. Glue together two stripes of newspaper at their ends so that you have one long strip.
  3. Fold your strip in half lengthwise. Then unfold, leaving a fold crease down the middle.
  4. Fold the newspaper lengthwise again, this time having both sides meet at the middle crease. Do not unfold.
  5. Fold the newspaper once more at the middle crease, giving yourself a long skinny strip of newspaper, four newspaper sheets thick.
  6. Take one end of your strip and squeeze it together, this is your rose’s bud.
  7. Begin wrapping the newspaper around the bud, not too tightly or too loosely, occasionally glueing the paper down.
  8. Every 8 inches twist the newspaper strip 180 degrees and continue ravelling.
  9. Once finished, glue the end of the strip to the bottom of your rose.
  10. Smush the rose and gently fold out the ends to give it more of a rose like appearance.
  11. Paint it whatever colour you desire!

Check out Michelle Made Me’s blog for her similar instructions!