DIY: Personal Poster

I loved this craft. Its relatively easy and really cute. I chose a magazine article as my background, but you can choose any fun or interesting pattern/design/image from a magazine.


  1. Magazine page you like
  2. Letter stickers – I found mine at Dollarama
  3. Acrylic paint, any colour, and paintbrushes
  4. Picture frame – Dollarama


  1. Pick a quote, saying, anything that you wish your poster to say.
  2. Stick your stickers! Make sure they firmly stick.
  3. Paint the entire magazine page, painting over the stickers as well. Be careful not to use too much paint (or the page will buckle) or not enough paint (or the letters won’t pop well enough)
  4. Let dry.
  5. Carefully peel off the stickers, revealing the magazine page below.
  6. Frame, voila!
  7. Optional: Add those pretty DIY: Newspaper roses for an extra girly touch 🙂

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