DIY: Jewelry that Anchors Me NEW AND WAYYY IMPROVED!


Hey guys,

As promised – I redid my bracelet, and this time used all the correct materials AND then some…But it was way easier. I am actually so horrified by my last attempt that I am moving that post to DIY: FAILS.


  1. Anchor charm – Art On – 70 CENTS!
  2. Rope – Any craft store, $1 for 1 foot
  3. LARGE crimping beads. Its important you find ones that have a hook to attach beads or clasps too. I finally found mine at a jewelry supplies store on Queen St W, pack of 8 for $3
  4. Circle Attachers – set of 100 for $2


  1. Measure rope by wrapping it once around your wrist. Repeat with another piece of rope (so you have 2 in total)
  2. Take one of the pieces of rope and bend it in half to create a loop. Place the crimping bead over the loose rope ends, press the crimping bead shut. The ends should join together and the anchor should be attached.
  3. Loop the second piece of rope and wrap it under and through the first piece of rope’s loop. Visit A Blissful Dream’s version for a visual reference!
  4. Once the two pieces of rope are looped together, secure the loose ends of the second rope with another metal crimping bead,  press the crimping bead shut. This is where your anchor will hook.
  5. Attach your anchor and set sail

SO nautical.


4 thoughts on “DIY: Jewelry that Anchors Me NEW AND WAYYY IMPROVED!

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