DIY: Sock Bun


You know whats impossible for me? Finding the energy at night to wash AND dry my hair. And when I don’t blowdry, I have the worst rat’s nest like hair.

Solution? The sock bun


  1. Scissors
  2. Brush
  3. 1 sock (I know you have those random socks that have no partner)
  4. Hair tie
  5. Bobby pins


  1. Cut the so that you only have the tube that covers your ankle/calf
  2. roll the sock from the cut end to the other end, making a donut
  3. Brush your hair and put it in a high pony tail
  4. Pull your ponytail through the donut
  5. Roll the donut down towards your head, tucking hair underneath as you go. IT LOOKS WRONG, but trust me, you’re doing it right.
  6. Secure with bobby pins 🙂

Lovely 🙂 And so much better than that rat’s nest you were just sporting.


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