DIY: Easy [Gluten-free!] Cake Pops and Stand

Gluten Free Cake Pops

Gluten Free Cake Pops

I know I haven’t traditionally included foodie DIYs, but I had to craft the stand for my cake pops – so it counts! Please ignore my creepy BF and his pal in the background of the pic!


  1. 1 box of store bought cake mix (I used a gluten free flavour by Betty Crocker)
  2. Water/oil/eggs for cake mix
  3. Large bowl for mixing cake crumbs and icing together
  4. Cookie sheet
  5. 2 tbsps of store bought icing (or made from scratch – icing sugar, milk, butter) in any flavour.
  6. 1.5 lbs Candy melts – any colour! Found mine at Bulk Barn. Use multiple colours if you wish!
  7. Sprinkles – found mine at Bulk Barn
  8. Cake Pop sticks – I could only find lollipop sticks (again at Bulk Barn), but if you find actual Cake Pop sticks let me know!
  9. Styrofoam block (at least the size of a shoe box)
  10. Optional: Wrapping paper and ribbon


  1. Following the instructions on the store bought cake mix, bake your cake. Don’t worry about the size of the pan or anything because your next step is to crumble the cake!
  2. Once the cake has finished baking and cooled, crumble the cake! Crumble crumble crumble into a large bowl. Add icing to the bowl and really mix the crumbs and icing, kneading and squishing cake and icing together with your [clean!] hands. Add more icing if needed. Mixture should be able to hold small ball shapes
  3. Using a small cookie scoop,  measure out 2 scoops of the mixture. Use your hands to create a ball. Place on an ungreased cookie tray. Keep going till you have balled up all of the mixture.
  4. Begin melting your candy melts. I used the microwave to melt the candy melts in a regular cereal bowl. Dip your cake pop sticks into the melted candy melts (about an inch deep), and stick into your cake pops. This will help keep the stick in the ball when you eat them!
  5. Place tray in freezer for 20 minutes. While in the freezer, make sure you prepare enough melted candy melts. I used a ramekin for this part as you want a bowl small enough and deep enough to be able to completely submerge your pops in. Place sprinkles in a separate bowl, similar in size to a ramekin.
  6. Get your styrofoam block ready as you will need somewhere to stick your cake pops soon! I chose to wrap wrapping paper around my block to make it look prettier 🙂 This is of course optional.
  7. Take out the pops from the freezer and begin! Fully submerge your cake pops into the melted candy melts, then dip them into your sprinkles. Stick the finished pop in your styrofoam block. Keep going till all your pops are dipped!
  8. Stick in the fridge until they are ready to be eaten.

Enjoy! Nom nom nom.