DIY: Easy and Quick Furniture Makeover

A new coat of paint

A new coat of paint

I have had this small white table for a while. I inherited it from my mom (inherited might be a bad word, I think she’d prefer stole “borrowed”). It was made for her when she was my age, living alone in the big bad world. Its roughly a foot high and is perfect for my plants.

Through re-potting, watering, etc it became really dirty. After wiping it down, I realized it needed a new coat of paint… and maybe a little jazz.

This isn’t rocket science (although I’d like to use this moment to randomly shout out to Chris Hadfield) – but its a nice reminder that some items just need a little TLC to look their best again.

This is what I used, and how I did it:


  1. Piece of furniture I wanted to spruce up
  2. Acrylic paint (might not last years on end, but that just means I can give it another make over!)
  3. Brushes, plastic bags (or newspaper)
  4. Painters tape


  1. Cover floor with bags (newspaper). Place furniture on top
  2. Paint base color (in my case white), let dry.
  3. Use painters tape to make stripes
  4. Paint over non-taped sections with color of choice (I was actually aiming for a very dusty very very light purpley-grey, I got more of a lavender. C’est la vie)
  5. Let partially dry – remove strips of tape. You don’t want to let it completely dry because then the paint risks coming off when you pull the tape off.
  6. Make any touch ups needed. Let completely dry.

Beauty! Love these easy DIYs.


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