You can always rely on your besties. And although you should always rely on your BFFS, in this case I mean your DIY besties. Here are a few of mine:

  1. Home Depot – good for those random parts you need but can’t pronounce or have ever used before (pipe clamp?!)
  2. Dollarama – amazing finds for cheap. I have bought my brushes here, paint, and other small details (buttons, etc)
  3. Goodwill – best. ever. Seriously. Its like Dollarama but better.
  4. DeSerres – professional paint and craft store. Pricier, but solid.
  5. Michaels – a go to always, can be pricy, but guaranteed to have the random stuff you need.
  6. My mother’s closet – seriously, have you gone through your mom’s closet? Even if its your aunt, grandma, dad, sister, whoever, hit up those you know for the stuff they are throwing out. Its free and sometimes can be hidden gems.
  7. Outside – sticks, stones, wood, your neighbours garbage  be creative!
  8. NEW – ArtonBeads – best store in Toronto for inexpensive but beautiful charms and beads and other necessities for DIY jewelry making

With every new project look at the materials needed. Do you have to buy these materials?

If you do, check out my besties.


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