DIY: Button Love Remixed


Hey team!

Guess what? I think my presentation in my curating class went well today. So I rewarded myself with a DIY. Feeling generous and lovey-dovey, I gave it to my BFF Nicki. This is her photo of my button love gift to her. (Am I done school yet you ask? No. Should I have taken the time to work on my other 2 major projects due in a few days? No.)

For this DIY, I basically followed the same steps as in DIY: Button Love, however I tweaked it a bit – I painted the buttons instead of painstakingly searching for like-coloured buttons. I painted the already white paper with white acrylic paint  just to give it an overall painted effect. The frame is from Ikea, $3, originally black, but I also painted it white for a softer look.

A perfect gift for the loves of your life 🙂


DIY: Button Love

This DIY was 100% free for me. And that’s just half the reason I love it.

I put it on my front hall table and it matches beautifully the mirror above it (also framed in black). And yes – those are my candles from my earlier DIY post!

You can also find all of the materials at Dollarama!


  1. Old buttons, well they can be new, but they are old for me! Any colour, shape and size. The more diverse the better! Try Dollarama or Fabric Land for button options.
  2. Frame, I recycled one in my mom’s basement. Otherwise I recommend (what other than) Dollarama
  3. Construction paper – your choice of colour, Dollarama
  4. Glue gun and sticks – Dollarama again!
  5. Optional Acrylic paint if you want to change the colour of the frame, Dollarama.


  1. Arrange buttons into the shape you like. As you can see, I chose a heart. Peace signs, letters, numbers etc all work.
  2. Measure and cut your construction paper to fit into your frame. I kept the originally backing of my frame because i liked the brown.
  3. Carefully transfer and glue each button onto the construction paper. I recommend roughly stencilling your shape in pencil onto the construction board to keep your design in tact. Warning: this step can be difficult, go slowly and always plan your next move.
  4. Optional Paint the frame to match your colour scheme
  5. Let frame dry, frame your button art – voila!

What colours and shapes did you use?

P.S You do not need to keep the glass frame cover. Keep it for your next DIY! You never know when you’ll need it.